As a child I thought I was alone in my love of Crystals & Minerals. I would show my friends the drawer my Dad had allocated to me in the family Chest of Drawers.

They would say something like “Ok, Let’s go play with cars!” Then I’d take out my newfound records from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s (70’s being the current music of the time) and start showing my visitor my new favourite song on 45 or 78. Again the comment was polite “Cool, let’s go play with cars!”

Life went on and the teenage years were very distracting but the love of stones stayed with me in a distracted way.

Then I left school – joined the army (mandatory) and life continued once more.

I got married in 1996 and had a collection of around 10 stones.

The need for IT specialists gave me a career and I must admit my schizophrenic personality shows in my need for technology and gadgets along with my love of marine fish, trees and minerals – natural sciences!

Then it happened – the passion for minerals was re-awakened in 2003 in Tshipise Game Reserve in Limpopo South Africa on a guided horse ride… I was more off the horse than on it and the guide was not pleased. There were crystals everywhere and my pockets (and my wife’s pockets) were full of quartz crystals and some conglomerates. Now some 10 years later my poor wife regrets that horse ride as every available spot in our house is occupied by crystals or books about minerals!

In the last coupe of years I have been wondering how to combine my love of stones & music and my experience in IT  – well, here it is … Crystal Clear Radio!

One year on & so much has happened… I’ve met so many wonderful people through FB etc… and of course at the Tucson Show. Piroska Magyar is first to mind, she agreed to an interview a few months ago and since then has become a big part of CCR – besides helping with graphics, ideas & Anchoring while I am away doing Ad-hoc interviews!!! she is kind, encouraging and a good friend to me & the Station :D
Thanks Piroska for all you have done so far!!!
Jolyon Ralph, founder of Mindat.org has been a huge help and encouragement for CCR! Walking with him at any international show is like having your passport at the airport!!! He has introduced his friends in the mineral world to me and the project & this has propelled the Station to new heights! Thanks Jolyon!
Then there are people like Tom Praszkier from Spirifer Minerals who has offered help & financial support… thanks Tom for your openness & generosity :) I hope the advertising package we put together will go some way to rewarding your kindness!!!
There is a long way to go still – new & old ideas are still waiting in the wings – but we will get there :D

Please contact me to be interviewed, become a correspondent in your area & also if you’d like to donate or support CCR by advertising on the site & the Live Stream (Y)

Enjoy listening and please be part of it!!!

“ Do everything you can… and even what they say you can’t… DO IT – Life is Short ! ”